President’s Letter - July 2016

Dear Tiger Shareholder:

Recent political changes in the Philippines have impacted the mining industry in that country, and have affected our operations there, but we don’t know to what extent or for how long.

Presidential terms are for a single 6 year term there, and the president seems to not like mining. But his reported media statements are confusing and conflicting and one should never make business decisions based on media reports.

What we do know is that he had a critic in a strong environmentalist who was critical of all forms of mining, but especially of large open pit style mining, so the president appointed her to be the Secretary of Mining. It has been common practice to strip copper and nickel orebodies and truck the ore to the coast where ships would take it to China for processing, leaving behind the stripped area with no rehabilitation. This seems to be the practice that has offended the new administration. Her immediate act was to order closure of three nickel mines and then to suspend all permit processing and ordered staff to audit all mines and mining companies, taking them away from processing permit applications.

How does this impact our company? We received a letter from the Secretary ordering us to cease operations, as did every company with any form of permit or license there. We complied and chose to lay off staff, continuing with a skeleton management crew. The renewal of EP006, which we anticipated would have been reissued a few weeks ago, is delayed by this order so we will await an outcome.

The government moves, while illogical since they effectively shut down the mining industry temporarily, is stated to allow the government to review every mine’s operations. We cannot see how this can affect us long term because we plan to rehabilitate our project at the end of its life, but we can’t predict what the new government might do. It is responsible that we keep shareholders apprised and will do so when we have some understanding and direction from the Secretary.

Tiger International Resources Inc.


Patric Barry
President, Tiger International Resources Inc.
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